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ARIADNE IS QUESTIONED - Murder Mystery Blogfest

Ariadne is questioned in connection to the murder of Lenny Glow. This is a follow-up to the original introduction of Ariadne as a possible suspect in the case. You can see the original post HERE

Detective Morton Candle took a long drag of his cigarette and leaned in towards Ariadne. "Well, Ariadne, I admit you've been playing your cards close to your chest..." he couldn't help a quick glance, but wished he hadn't when he noticed her lips curl into a sly smile in response. She'd caught him ogling her. He cleared his throat and continued. "... much like all guilty parties do. But I've gotten a tip that you were much closer to Lenny Glow than your interview lets on. And I'll figure out what you're hiding. I always do. So, if you claim to be innocent, you might as well just tell me. How did you know Lenny Glow?"

The suspect licked her red lips and leaned in, making sure her chest was conveniently exposed. "Hmm. That's funny, detective. I didn't let on to anything in my interview. Just how is it you think I'm connected to that lowlife scum?" 

"Lenny Glow may have been low life scum, but he was a man. And a man who certainly appreciated a beautiful woman. I'm sure he took one look at you and wanted to add you to his collection of arm candy. Don't even try and deny it sweetheart. You may have legs up to your neck, but you're not the brainless type that Lenny usually has on his arm. How did you react when Lenny came on to you?"

"Arm candy?" She licked her lips again, and Detective Candle stood up to move around. He had to pace. She was making him uncomfortable, and doing a fine job of it. 

"Answer the question."

"Give me a break. Lenny Glow didn't come on to me. That loser couldn't even muster up his words around me. I have that effect on men." She looked at Stein and winked. "You're cute. How old are you?" 

Candle rounded on her and leaned down so he was eye level with the suspect, infuriated that she'd turned her sights on Weatherby. Hard as nails that kid was, but dammed if Candle would let a temptress like Ariadne Stone get her hooks in him. 

"Look, Miss Stone, I'm not surprised that you thought that sweaty, toupee wearing scum was beneath you. So tell me, did you show him just how wrong he was to try?"

"Do you mean, did I teach him a lesson? You'd like me to say so, wouldn't you, Morton Stein? Fat chance." 

She leaned back and extended a long leg, crossing it over her knee and letting her sheer navy blue dress slide off to one side. She had nothing more to say. 

She smiled. They had nothing on her. 


Wow!  We've already been doing this for 10 weeks!  Awesome job guys! 

This week's judge is first time winner, Laura Hughes (Mittens Morgul).  She's very excited to judge and I'm very excited to have her be a part of Flash Factory!! 

Congratulations again, Laura!! 

Here are her answers to the first four getting to know the judges questions: 

If you are currently querying right now, please tell us about your book. (If its a WIP, tell us about it too!)

I was querying, but a few weeks ago I had to park that roller coaster with the maintenance department. A couple of the wheels were falling off my manuscript, and the safety inspector closed us down. :) Sorry, it's summer time, and I'm thinking about theme parks.

I'm currently revising the first book, and trying to keep up with the writing schedule I set up for myself on the third. The series is urban fantasy, where shapeshifters have been allowed to stay in the U.S. in exchange for their loyalty to the government. They use their skills to handle military operations and criminal investigations that are beyond the abilities of the human soldiers and cops they work with. Thalia Drake has been hiding her true identity to blend in with the shapeshifters. If anyone knew she was a dragon instead of the werewolf she pretended to be, the shifters could lose everything. Her mother's disastrous attempt to convince the world that dragons were a force for good only convinced Thalia that it was safest for everyone to keep her secret forever.

When a murder investigation uncovers a possible threat to shifters, and an ancient dragon relic, Thalia's first instinct is to stop the killer at any cost. Revealing the truth could prevent a shifter genocide, but it's equally likely to doom them to her mother's fate. History is repeating itself, and Thalia must unravel the killer's motives before she crosses a line that could turn the entire world against her.

And just writing out that description makes me want to burn my old query. Wow! I like this version better!

How long have you been writing?

Since I learned my ABC's. Well, I've been writing seriously for about a year. I tried writing when my daughter was an infant. I mistakenly thought I had a unique insight into new motherhood, and a witty take on raising a child. Turns out, you actually need sleep and mental coherence to write books. I didn't get any of that with a newborn in the house. It didn't occur to me to try writing again until I had a recurring nightmare last summer. Out of frustration, I decided to write the bad dream down in the hopes that if I worked through the issues on paper, I might banish the bad dreams. To my immense shock, it worked. Also to my immense shock, I really enjoyed the writing itself. Now I'm afraid to stop, just in case that bad dream comes back.

Tell us about your writing style. Are you a plotter/outliner, or do you fly by the seat of your pants? 

I guess that first book I wrote (which is sharing space in a locked drawer with the sequel I wrote for it) had an outline of sorts. I was just writing out the dream, fleshing out the characters and giving them a purpose for good instead of evil. Since then, though, I start writing with a definite beginning and ending in mind, and then pants my way from point a to point b.

What is one piece of advice you would give new writers? 

Don't listen to writing advice. No. Find writing advice that helps you. You don't have to buy into every contradictory piece of advice. Find what works for you, and then write write write write write. You can't be a writer if all you do is plot and plan and read advice. Just start writing. And then edit. And then edit some more. And keep reading, too.



Laura's 3 Word PROMPT:

jar, swoop, fracture 




Ready ... set ... FLASH!  

To Review:
PROMPT (varies each week)
50 word minimum / 350 word limit
24 hours
The full rules are HERE

*Remember, post your entry right here in the comments, please!  Don't forget to include word count AND Twitter handle!  (Or another way for me to reach the winner!) 

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INTRODUCING ARIADNE - Murder Mystery Blogfest

Who Killed Lenny Glow? : LA Mogul Murdered By Wild Witchcraft

Introducing Ariadne (Air-ee-add-knee), a character from my novel EVER, as a suspect in the Murder Mystery Blogfest

Equal parts devious and beautiful, Ariadne will stab you in the back while you're mesmerized by her wide eyes, hair as black as night, and red-lipped pout. You won't even see what's coming until it's too late. 

She's conniving and devilish, and walks with confidence and purpose. She invented the take-no-prisoners attitude.

She's beauty and evil personified. 

She's going to ruin you. 
You're going to like it.  


Jessie has agreed to interview Ariadne for us. She's doing so reluctantly - she hates Ariadne with a passion. 

"The feeling is mutual." Ariadne says as she settles into her seat. 

"Well, our mutual hate for one another is the only thing we have in common." Jessie says, turning up the intensity of her megawatt smile. Kill 'em with kindness she's always believed. "So. Ariadne. Tell me a little bit about yourself. Were you always an evil monster, or did you become this way over time?"

Ariadne's eyes narrow. This interview is going to be fun after all, she thinks with a smirk.  

"Evil monster, Jessie, really? I think we both know you'd like to be me in a heartbeat. Unfortunately your wit lacks punch, and you're far too simple to be conniving." 

Jessie rolls her eyes dramatically, keeping her beauty queen smile in tact. "I'm going to ignore that because frankly, you're not worthy of my retorts. And if I remember correctly, the last time we were together I gave you that shiner. So I think we both know who'd win in this fight. Moving on --"

"I'd hardly call a sucker punch winning, but then that's just one more difference between us." 

"Like I said, moving on ... what happens in the end of all this when Ever wins? Who will you torment then? Because, let's be honest, we all know evil never wins." 

"Let's get one thing straight, Jessica. Ever will not win. There's no way she will even come close to getting out of what I have planned for her. You all can scramble for the next year, and try as you might to find an answer or loophole, you will not. I've made sure of that. So what happens when Ever wins will never be a valid question because Ever Will. Never. Win.  Got it?" 

Ariadne leans back in her seat, stretching her long legs in front of her, proud of herself to no end. She's planned this and planned it well. There are no loopholes. 

Jessie's smile widens, and she leans forward as if she's about to share a big secret with Ariadne. Unable to resist, Ariadne leans back in, resting her elbows on her knees and waiting for whatever Jessie is going to say. 

"What if I told you we already found your loophole?" 

"Impossible," Ariadne says with a wave of her hand, a smug smile pulling at her red lips. 

"Ok. What if I told you Toby found it himself?"

Ariadne's eyes widened ever so briefly, but Jessie caught the movement. That pathetic bastard. I should have known Toby would run to her rescue, Ariadne thought. He's been rendered useless ever since he met her. 

"Impossible," she says again, though this time with less conviction. 

Jessie smiles and winks at Ariadne, confident that they've already beaten her
 at her own game.  

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Jezri's Nightmares - 55 Word Challenge Entry - Week 15

here's this week's entry for Jezri's Nightmares 55 Word Challenge:

It sat there, decades later, a silent reminder of all I had lost that day.

The children ran around it, knowing nothing of the sorrow, the blood, the death.  Knowing nothing of the innocence I lost so that they could remain.

It sat there, overgrown with trees, a silent reminder of the price I paid.

(55 words exactly)

UtopYA Con: Where all the cool kids go to meet their favorite female authors!

Also known as, why I wish I lived in Nashville! 
It’s time to get excited and to get to Nashville for the first ever UtopYA Con, which is the convention for female, paranormal/fantasy young adult authors and readers who love them.  

It will be held at the Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville, TN on July 6-8, 2012

Would you like to come? You’re already excited I know, but wait until I tell you who’s coming (and this is just a few)… Myra McEntire (Hourglass and Timepiece), Angeline Kace (Descended by Blood), Amy Bartol (The Premonition Series), Tammy Blackwell (Timber Wolves), Tiffany King (Saving Angels), Abbi Glines (The Vincent Boys), Ella James (Stained), Jessica Sorenson (Fallen Star), and so many more! You can find the full list at the UtopYA Con website.

Here’s what a few of them are saying about going to UtopYA Con:

Raine Thomas (Daughters of Saraquel)-  “"The world's been waiting for a conference like UtopYA. It's unique and in a class of its own. If you enjoy YA fantasy and paranormal stories, you can't miss this event!”

Chelsea Fine (Sophie and Carter)- “"Don't miss out on UtopYa Con 2012: Bringing your YA books to life!"

Brina Courtney (Cryptid Tales)- “If you’re a true YA fan, you’ll be there,  mixing it up with all of us.”

But it’s not just for fans, it’s for authors too. Learn the tricks of the trade from people who are there, doing it successfully already. There are sessions and panels for both readers and writers alike.
So how about it? You wanna go? Well obviously you do, but here’s the question… ARE YOU GOING?
Here’s where you can find out more about tickets.
Now, so maybe you’re awesome, but you can’t go, and you’re bummed obviously. Well you still want to participate right? Here’s your chance, from now until June 29th, 2012 you can vote for your favorite books to win UtopYA Con awards, hosted by CMT’s Katie Cook. Pretty sweet right? I know, I think so too.

Anyway because we had so many blogs help us to promote this unique event we decided to do some fun giveaways provided by some of our authors at UtopYA Con and some other authors.
Good luck and we’ll see you at UtopYA Con!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Want to visit other sites in this hop? Go to:

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Congratulations Laura!!! 

From Alissa: 
After a lot of thought, and re-reading each entry many times, the winner this week is Laura Hughes (@MittensMorgul)! Congratulations! What finally decided me was the anticipation through the entire story. What is it? I kept reading to find out. I enjoyed all of them: Feaky Snucker's moral dilemma, Carrie-Anne's necklace, and Michela Walters' hope in bleak circumstance. Thanks for writing! I'm glad I don't have to judge every week! You all are awesome! :)

Laura's Entry:

"There! See it?"

Allen pointed, but Sara had no idea what she was supposed to see. She was weary from hiking. Even though Alan made the trip the day before, they still needed to hack their way through the jungle to reach this spot.


Allen stuck his arm over her shoulder so she could follow his finger to the tree. "Right there. Something's strange about that, am I right?"

It was hard to tell under the midday sun. Every few seconds, the branches and the underside of the thick, leathery leaves pulsed with a warm orange light.

Her first thought was to run straight back to camp and pretend she never saw the weird tree. The longer she looked, though, the more compelling the flashes became. There was something familiar about the light. She resolved to untangle the conundrum. "How long will it take to hike, do you think?"

Allen was relieved hadn't imagined the whole thing. He didn't intend to get closer. He only wanted confirmation that he wasn't losing his marbles. "You want to go down there?"

"Of course." Sara started walking. She kept the tree in sight, and memorized the systematic pattern of flashes. There was an intelligence behind the lights that defied explanation. She had to know what it meant, and Allen wouldn't abandon her.

The closer they got, the harder it was to continue across the soupy rainforest floor. The lights also seemed brighter beneath the shady canopy. It bounced around the relative darkness, turning the jungle into a bizarre discotheque.

The lights faded, each pulse weaker than the last. "Do you smell that?" Allen bolted into the undergrowth.

She smelled it, too. Burning oil. The lights winked out for the last time. In the clearing around the tree she found Allen pulling the pilot from the wreckage of a small helicopter. The man had a broken leg, but that was the worst of his injuries. He'd signaled SOS until the batteries failed. If they'd been an hour later...well, best not think what would've happened. The pilot was saved by his own searchlight. 

Congratulations Laura, and thank you for entering!  

You'll get to pick the three word prompt for next week's challenge (or switch it up with a picture), AND be the judge!  Please send me an email so I can send you the "get to know the judges" questions.  :-)
Email: emailjessarusso [at] gmail [dot] com   

BIG thanks to this week's judge, Alissa Leonard!! 

Do you know about the SUPER-REVIEWERS?

You don't? Well let's change that immediately! 

Since Jalisa came up with both the concept and the super cool name, I will allow her to explain: 

So, what the hell are the Super Reviewers?
Good question. :) It’s something I made up.
I was thinking about the Justice League (because I was thinking about how I was finally getting back into reading comics) and I was thinking about reviewing books (and how I so wanted to be a part of a review team–what? I like people) and I thought: I can make my own. So I did.
I still don’t have have all of the details ironed out. It’s still an idea that coming together more as we take into consideration what works for us, but at least I know:
  • Seven of us will review the same book
  • We’ll make a concise judgment (yay/nay) in no more than a paragraph
  • Each book will be chosen by a member once or twice a month (depending on the
  • time/availability of the members that month).
  • And each book will be chosen for a specific, noted reason, whether it be a gut instinct that it will be a good read or a good reading experience with the author before.
  • Then, we’ll all post the super review (which will consist of all seven reviews)  to our dedicated blog. Ta-da!
So, that’s it, basically. We’ll have our first review up by next week, if everything falls into place. But you’ll know that, because I will, in no uncertain terms, alert everyone on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, we have one:!/SuperReviewers
And a blog. And a Facebook.
We’re here to save your day. One book at a time.


  • Holly Kench (@StuffedO) My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.
  • Pip Foweraker (@PipFoweraker) Full-time Consultant and Gentleman. Part-time Wizard and Writer. Sydney, Australia.
  • Jessa Russo-Stadtler (@JessaRusso) I write what I love – paranormal YA. My heart still belongs to Jake Ryan. And I’m pretty sure I’m still 16 years old. Just don’t tell my husband. Southern CA.
  • Ray (@iwrites) I drive a truck, I want to be a writer. I take pictures, I want to be a writer. I read, but I want to be a writer. Did I mention I like writing?
  • Anthony Angeline (@unfoldingmyth) Writer and observer. I’m searching for something but won’t know what it is until I’ve found it. I have a dog too. Washington.
  • Nanette Pitts (@nanettepitts) I am passionate about writing. Slightly obsessed with reading. Grateful to be a wife & mother! Friend to many. I’m honest. I live my life the best I can.

We will have our first set of reviews up this week. 
(((BLACKBIRDS by Chuck Wendig))) 

Please stay tuned! 

I received the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER Award!

The Beautiful Blogger Award was given to me by Jalisa (J.M Blackman) who is one of the Super Reviewers, and an all-around really awesome person. She's REALLY good at making a person feel amazing, and that is something to be cherished.  I was so moved by what she wrote about me, so I have to include it. 
7. Jessa Russo of My Writing Blog. There so much enthusiasm and positivity in Jessa’s every post. Of course, she’s recently got some very good news about publication with Curiosity Quills, so it’s bursting at the seams at this point, but even before then, between her wonderful flash-fiction, there’s a hopefulness and support for writing and the writing community that’s fairly infectious. (Also, another superhero from the Super Reviewers, but can’t you just see why?)
She made me blush and get all teary-eyed, and I just hope that what she said is true. I do hope that my friends in the writing community feel my support and love, and know that it will always be there for them. I have gotten to know so many beautiful people during my writing journey and I am consistently amazed by the amount of awesome. Seriously, writers bring ALL THE AWESOME.
Thank you so much Jalisa.  Not just for the Beautiful Blogger Award, but for being one of those people who bring ALL THE awesome to the writing community.  
So here are the guidelines:
  • Thank your award-giver with a link to their blog and of course, a thank you.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Give the award to 7 other beauties.
  • Claim the badge and slap it on your gorgeous blog, you wonderful people, you.
If you've read the "ABOUT ME" page on this blog, you already know quite a bit about me. Finding seven things you don't know is going to be a bit hard, so what I'd like to do is switch it up a bit.  We'll see if this works.  (Trythfully, this is probably a bit of a cop-out, but just go with it!)
I hope I don't totally piss off the creator of this award, but if I do, I'm sorry.  I just wanted to give the floor to my friends and see how it turns out. 
If you could ask me anything, what would it be? 
Go ahead and shoot your questions to me in the comments.  :-)  The more obscure, the better!  

*I will post my responses and the seven people I am giving the award to in the follow-up blog post. 

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun BLOG HOP!

For the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun BLOG HOP put on by my Curiosity Quills sister, Victoria and her critique partner Jaycee, I decided to ask my main character Ever to interview her best friend Jessie. If you know Jessie (whose goal is to become the youngest female newscaster at KTLA), you'll know this is a huge role reversal for her. It is also a big change from the usual Jessie-driven interrogations Ever is frequently subjected to.

This is how I picture Ever:
(Actress Emma Roberts) - but with darker, almost-black hair.

This is how I picture Jessie:
(Actress Amanda Seyfried) - but with a sleek reverse bob a la Victoria Beckham, and the sass of Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) on TVD.

So, I took them out for a little lunch at Islands and asked Jessie to please hand over her newscaster's hat and release her killer grip on the metaphorical microphone she seems to always have with her.

Reluctantly, she gave Ever the floor. For a change.



Once our appetizer was delivered - the usual cheese-smothered fries with bacon (obviously) - I sat up straight and cleared my throat. Using my best imitation-Jessie voice, I started the interrogation, feeling slightly excited to be on this end of it for once. "So Jessie, thank you for coming here today." It was a struggle to keep a straight face, but I managed. "I'd like to ask you a few questions."

Jessie's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in mock horror. "Oh my god Ever, I do not sound like that."

"Well, you do, but let's get on with the questioning, shall we? How would you describe your hero?"

"My hero. Hmm ..." Jessie shoved a wad of cheese fries into her mouth as she pondered the question, but it didn't take her long to answer - I knew it wouldn't. Before long she was talking around her mouthful of fries. "He's really hot, plays football and treats me like a Princess." I also knew she'd say something like that. I know my best friend well.

"Ok, um, I didn't ask you to describe your ideal boyfriend, Jess." 

"What? Like they're not interchangeable? Please." Jessie noted my look of annoyance and added a bit more, unable to stifle an over-dramatic roll of her eyes. "Fine. He can become invisible." Of course he can, I think to myself sarcastically. She'd probably enjoy the fact that he could spy on her at any time without her knowing. My hero, on the other hand, would do something much more unique, and far less stalkerish, but I didn't voice that part. 

Jessie noted my smirk. "What? Oh let me guess, you disapprove of invisibility, right? Oh Ever. What do you want him to do then? Save starving children?" 

"Well, yeah. That would work for me."

"Ok, he saves starving children, can become invisible and is super-duper hot. Like, I'm talking beyond hot. Happy now?" She winked at me and smiled her devilish smile, and something in me knew she'd probably actually find that guy someday. 

"Ok, so invisible flying dream guys aside, what's the worst date you've ever had?" I watched Jessie with a smirk, knowing fully well what the answer to this question was. I'd lived through the story a gazillion times. I could almost recite it word for word. 

"Oh my god. Do you remember that guy I went out with from Riverside?”

I nodded. Of course I remembered. How could I forget?

“He took me out to Roy’s at Fashion Island, remember? Oh my god, I thought for sure this guy was going to be the one.” Jessie thought every guy was going to be the one. But I didn’t voice that either. “Boy was I wrong. He sure shined up nicely though, taking me somewhere like Roy’s and showing up at my house in the sleekest Mercedes I’ve ever seen. Turns out it wasn’t even his, and he made me pay for dinner! I could have died!”

“Well, luckily for me you didn’t.”

“Oh Ever, your flattery knows no bounds.”

“Next question: boxers or briefs?”

“Eleanor Van Ruysdael! I’m surprised at you!”

My jaw clenched at her use of my full name, and I looked around the room to make sure none of the other restaurant patrons had heard her. “Jessie!” I chastised her under my breath. Man, she sure knows how to get a rise out of me.

“Relax, Ev, no one heard me. Boxer-briefs,” she said with a shrug. Then I caught the glint in her eye and knew I’d set myself up. “But I prefer nothing at all, obviously.”

“Jessie! Ok, moving on … what gets a guy a second date?”

“Hmm,” she said as she tugged on the short blonde hair by her ear. “Please refer back to your previous question,” she said with a mischievous grin and an exaggerated wink. I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head at her. What was I expecting with this line of questioning? Who wrote these questions anyway?

“Ok, last question. I’m hungry and you’re having way too much fun trying to get me to blush.”

Jessie laughed around her hamburger.

“What do you look for in a best friend?”

“That’s easy! You, of course! Someone I can trust, laugh with and dress up like a Barbie Doll.” Her brow creased and she continued, “A Barbie Doll who only wears black obviously, and never lets me have any fun with her outfits.”

"Well I'm far from a Barbie Doll, Jess." I glanced down at my chest absently and realized too late that Jessie caught the movement.

"Oh Ever, not that again! Your body is amazeballs! Please!"

Our meals were delivered, and my mouth started watering at the sight of all the bacon on my cobb salad. "Ok, anyway, I think we've done the three questions we were asked to do. I'm starving."

Jessie winked at me and pretended to hold a microphone up to her lips. Oh no. I know that look. "My turn," she whispered with a flip of her platinum hair. I'm doomed. She smiled her bright, newscaster smile and opened her eyes wide. "How would you describe your hero?" She paused and added, "And by hero I mean boyfriend, just so we're clear."

I couldn't even stifle the groan that escaped my lips.

"Come on! I answered your questions!"

"Yeah, but that was the point. I was the interviewer, you were the interviewed."

"The interviewee."

"Yeah, whatever."

"Oh Ever, just answer the question!"

"Fine. But only one." I thought about the answer as I took my first few bites of salad. Jessie was getting irritated with how much time I was taking, so I took a little more - chewing slowly, and smiling at her with each bite.

"Oh Ever."

"Ok, ok ... he's funny, and confidant - but not arrogant, because eeew," I said as I shook my head, "and he's got beautiful eyes, and he's loyal and supportive ..."

"And his name is Frankie, and blah blah blah. Come on Ever! Loyal and supportive?" She cocked an eyebrow at me. "I want to know what curls your toes!"

"Well, um, I don't really know what that means, so..."

"What will it take for a guy who isn't Frankie to sweep you off your feet?!"

A guy who isn't Frankie? I couldn't even imagine it. "Um ..."

"Come on, this isn't that hard of a question."

"I don't know. I guess I've never thought about it. I think he'd have to be pretty amazing though. And confident, really confident."

"And hot?"

"Yes, yes, ok. And hot. Really hot. Geez Jess, there are other things to look for in a guy."

"What? Really? Huh." Jessie smiled a half-smile and winked at me again. I just shook my head at her. She was always a perpetual dater, but I knew that's because she too was hoping for something really special. She just hadn't found it yet. 

A guy who isn't Frankie ... I couldn't even wrap my mind around that concept. So I stopped trying and returned to my salad.


Part of this blog hop was to include music - our main character's "theme song" if you will. Honestly, only Toby really has a song, so I didn't include any. BUT. If I had to include a song for Ever, it would be Lana Del Rey's Dark Paradise.

Here are the lyrics:

All my friends tell me I should move on
I'm lying in the ocean, singing your song
Ahhh, that's how you sang it
Loving you forever, can't be wrong
Even though you're not here, won't move on
Ahhh, that's how we played it

And there's no remedy for memory your face is
Like a melody, it won't leave my head
Your soul is haunting me and telling me
That everything is fine
But I wish I was dead

Everytime I close my eyes
It's like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I'm scared that you won't be waiting on the other side
Everytime I close my eyes
It's like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I'm scared that you won't be waiting on the other side

All my friends ask me why I stay strong
Tell 'em when you find true love it lives on
Ahhh, that's why I stay here

And there's no remedy for memory your face is
Like a melody, it won't leave my head
Your soul is haunting me and telling me
That everything is fine
But I wish I was dead

Everytime I close my eyes
It's like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I'm scared that you won't be waiting on the other side
Everytime I close my eyes
It's like a dark paradise
No one compares to you

But that there's no you, except in my dreams tonight,
Oh oh oh, ha ha ha
I don't wanna wake up from this tonight
Oh oh oh, ha ha ha
I don't wanna wake up from this tonight

There's no relief, I see you in my sleep
And everybody's rushing me, but I can feel you touching me
There's no release, I feel you in my dreams
Telling me I'm fine

Everytime I close my eyes
It's like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I'm scared that you won't be waiting on the other side
Everytime I close my eyes
It's like a dark paradise
No one compares to you

But that there's no you, except in my dreams tonight,
Oh oh oh, ha ha ha
I don't wanna wake up from this tonight
Oh oh oh, ha ha ha
I don't wanna wake up from this tonight

My debut novel EVER, book one in THE EVER TRILOGY,  is a young adult paranormal romance, and will be releasing by the end of the year via Curiosity Quills Press. Please stay tuned!

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This week's FLASH FACTORY FRIDAY post is going up tonight! 


Because tomorrow my blog will be designated to the GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN Blog Hop! Woot woot! Be sure to come by here tomorrow for an exclusive interview of Ever's best friend Jessie from my debut novel EVER. In a strange turn of events, Ever will be holding the microphone this time. We'll get to see how Jessie likes being interrogated! 


Anyway, our judge this week is SECOND TIME winner ALISSA LEONARD! 

I presented her with the next four getting to know the judges questions, and here are her answers:

1.) If you could save the life of any one fictional character who would it be and why? (Stolen from Feaky Snucker's idea for Janet Reid's Pay It Forward contest.) 

My first thought was that I couldn't think of anyone. I don't necessarily like characters dying in books, but they serve a purpose and their death usually makes the book better. However, after more thought (mainly of books I didn't like) I changed my mind. I would save Simon from The Lord of The Flies. I think that was his name. I'm not going to read it again to check. But he was the only good part of the book, and when he died... Let's just say there wasn't anything redeeming left in that story. So he's my pick.
2.) Is there one book from your childhood that sticks out more than the others? Why? 

The first story that I remember getting me excited about reading was Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. We read it in fifth grade for English class. It changed my world. Up until then, I was a very good reader, but I don't remember really liking books that I was given. (I don't remember disliking them either.) However, after that book, I was an AVID reader. I knew there were books out there that I could love, and stories that could speak to me. Anyway, that book started my love of books and only a few short years later I started writing my own. 

3.) What is your favorite thing to write about in your manuscripts? Fight scenes? Love scenes? Dialogue? Etc. Why?

This is a hard one. I love them all! I struggle the most with fight scenes, but I still think they're really fun. I love dialogue and romance. I think, maybe, working out the fantastical things in my stories would be my favorite. The scenes when I'm learning about the magic system and its scope and limitations are so fun. Coming up with solid, in world, reasoning about why things work the way they do and providing structure to play in is so rewardingly challenging. --This is a very confusing answer, but I don't really know how to change it or have time to fix it, so...sorry! :) 

4.) What has been your biggest regret in your writing journey thus far?
My biggest regret is not realizing that writing was something I could do for the rest of my life. I went to college and got a degree (not in writing, or english...) so that I could get a job and such. I put writing out of my life for a very solid chunk of years, and I can never get that time back. I LOVE writing...and even if I never get published, I know that I will be doing it for the rest of my life. I don't know, maybe that time off helped me to cherish the time that I have now and recognize it for the joy it is, so maybe it's not a regret. Also, I kind of regret not writing any fan fiction when I was younger. I thought it would be plagarism, so I never wrote down any of my cool ideas (although I brainstormed many). It would be awesome to go back and read those ideas now, but, alas, they are lost in time. :)



Alissa's 3 Word PROMPT:

conundrum, weary, system


Ready ... set ... FLASH!  

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50 word minimum / 350 word limit
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