Thursday, February 14, 2019

ENTWINED is here!

Happy Valentine's Day, Toby and Ever! 
And, you guys, too, if your idea 
of a happy Valentine's Day 
is reading one of my books, haha. 
(If so, I love you.)

But for real this time, the wait is finally over! ENTWINED IS LIVE! 
See how things wrap up for Ever, Toby, and Frankie in the final installment of The Ever Trilogy! 

If you've stuck around this long, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

The Ever Trilogy, Book 3
By Jessa Russo

“After years of collecting souls without even a moment’s pause, I’d collected the one soul I swore I’d never harvest. The one soul I’d promised to protect. 
Against my will and without my permission.”

When soul collector Toby James met Ever Van Ruysdael, his second chance at life, his world, and his heart were thrown for a loop. After months of chaos, they’re finally in a good place. 
But fate has other plans for Ever and Toby, and now, both souls are on the line. 
All’s fair in love and war… when a Reaper comes knocking on your door.

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