Thursday, June 28, 2012

INTRODUCING ARIADNE - Murder Mystery Blogfest

Who Killed Lenny Glow? : LA Mogul Murdered By Wild Witchcraft

Introducing Ariadne (Air-ee-add-knee), a character from my novel EVER, as a suspect in the Murder Mystery Blogfest

Equal parts devious and beautiful, Ariadne will stab you in the back while you're mesmerized by her wide eyes, hair as black as night, and red-lipped pout. You won't even see what's coming until it's too late. 

She's conniving and devilish, and walks with confidence and purpose. She invented the take-no-prisoners attitude.

She's beauty and evil personified. 

She's going to ruin you. 
You're going to like it.  


Jessie has agreed to interview Ariadne for us. She's doing so reluctantly - she hates Ariadne with a passion. 

"The feeling is mutual." Ariadne says as she settles into her seat. 

"Well, our mutual hate for one another is the only thing we have in common." Jessie says, turning up the intensity of her megawatt smile. Kill 'em with kindness she's always believed. "So. Ariadne. Tell me a little bit about yourself. Were you always an evil monster, or did you become this way over time?"

Ariadne's eyes narrow. This interview is going to be fun after all, she thinks with a smirk.  

"Evil monster, Jessie, really? I think we both know you'd like to be me in a heartbeat. Unfortunately your wit lacks punch, and you're far too simple to be conniving." 

Jessie rolls her eyes dramatically, keeping her beauty queen smile in tact. "I'm going to ignore that because frankly, you're not worthy of my retorts. And if I remember correctly, the last time we were together I gave you that shiner. So I think we both know who'd win in this fight. Moving on --"

"I'd hardly call a sucker punch winning, but then that's just one more difference between us." 

"Like I said, moving on ... what happens in the end of all this when Ever wins? Who will you torment then? Because, let's be honest, we all know evil never wins." 

"Let's get one thing straight, Jessica. Ever will not win. There's no way she will even come close to getting out of what I have planned for her. You all can scramble for the next year, and try as you might to find an answer or loophole, you will not. I've made sure of that. So what happens when Ever wins will never be a valid question because Ever Will. Never. Win.  Got it?" 

Ariadne leans back in her seat, stretching her long legs in front of her, proud of herself to no end. She's planned this and planned it well. There are no loopholes. 

Jessie's smile widens, and she leans forward as if she's about to share a big secret with Ariadne. Unable to resist, Ariadne leans back in, resting her elbows on her knees and waiting for whatever Jessie is going to say. 

"What if I told you we already found your loophole?" 

"Impossible," Ariadne says with a wave of her hand, a smug smile pulling at her red lips. 

"Ok. What if I told you Toby found it himself?"

Ariadne's eyes widened ever so briefly, but Jessie caught the movement. That pathetic bastard. I should have known Toby would run to her rescue, Ariadne thought. He's been rendered useless ever since he met her. 

"Impossible," she says again, though this time with less conviction. 

Jessie smiles and winks at Ariadne, confident that they've already beaten her
 at her own game.  


  1. Very interesting! I wonder what sort of power and abilities Ariadne has. Maybe SHE did it!

  2. Ariadne sounds like a sinister type worth investigating. The detectives will be interrogating her shortly.

  3. Ariadne sounds pretty wicked...It's quite clear that she and Jessie hate each other. I wonder what Ariadne ever did to Jessie? Kill off a character Jessie really liked perhaps? Looks like I'm going to have to read EVER to find out....

    I'll be posting my suspect tomorrow!