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ANNOUNCEMENT: I have decided to quit hosting Flash Factory Fridays. It was fun, but there's not enough of a response each week to keep it going, and I'm getting busier with other things. Had there been more of a following, I'd make it work, but ts just not happening. 

Thanks for 12 fun weeks of flash! 




Notes from our judge, Alissa:
It's fitting for the Friday the 13th winner to have a couple obsessed with graveyards! :) It was definitely fringe! It's crazy how you managed to make that seem so normal. Well done!

Carrie-Anne's Entry:
Word count: 340

Most couples didn’t take a honeymoon to Chicago, not did most couples take a honeymoon to tour famous haunted cemeteries. But Vikki and Avraham David had always prided themselves on not being like other people, on having interests and viewpoints seen as fringe by so-called mainstream society. And it just seemed right after they’d had their first kiss in Boston’s Granary Burial Ground.

“You think someday we’ll have one of these ornate tombs?” Vikki asked as she adjusted her hair clip. “I don’t want something boring that only has our names and dates.”

“I’d love to spend eternity in a haunted cemetery, whatever kind of stone I have. The older the better. It’s too bad Granary doesn’t do burials anymore. We’ll probably end up getting buried in our synagogue’s cemetery, wherever that is by the time we pass on.”

Vikki felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to see a middle-aged woman with an oversized Grateful Dead T-shirt.

“Do you happen to know the way to Charles Hull’s grave?”

“Oh, no, we only got here a little while ago,” Avraham David said. “We’ve never been here before. I’m from Boston, and my wife is from Atlantic City.”

The woman stared in amazement. “So you got a parent or guardian to sign for permission to get married underage?”

“We’re both eighteen. We’re starting Boston University in the fall.”

“We’re well aware of the fact that it’s no longer exactly common to get married fresh out of high school,” Vikki said. “And to answer your first question again, no, we don’t know where Charles Hull is buried.”

“So what are you doing in Chicago?” The woman was struggling to compose herself.

“We’re on our honeymoon. We love old cemeteries and ghost stories.”

“We’re at Rosehill primarily to see the monument to Frances Pearce and her baby daughter,” Avraham David went on. “After this, we’re going to Bachelor’s Grove. I can’t wait to see all those ghostly sights and sounds it’s famous for.” 

The woman walked away in a daze.

Congratulations Carrie-Anne!  

Since this was the last Flash Factory Friday, I won't make you answer any questions. Thanks for participating! 

BIG thanks to this week's judge, Alissa Leonard!

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