Monday, July 23, 2012

Buccaneer Blogfest - WEEK TWO - Day Three - THE LIGHT-BULB MOMENT

I skipped this specific Buccaneer Blogfest assignment last week because, well ... I never really had a "light-bulb" moment for writing EVER. 

I honestly can't remember where I got the idea for EVER. All I know for certain is that the character was in my head for a very long time. I knew her name was Ever, short for a name she hated, and she was a teenager. 

I also knew her story was a ghost story, but didn't know who/what/when/where/etc. 

She started as the patient of a psychiatrist who I may or may not write a story about some day. The psychiatrist was of course blown away by the fact that Ever was in love with a ghost in her home. I imagine you just don't hear that one very often.  

From there, Ever starred in a story about a girl with a houseful of ghosts, which was the first version of EVER. There was Mama Gert, an wise old ghost who was a grandmotherly figure in the household; two twins, a boy and a girl about 7 years old, who never said much, and dressed in clothing from a very far off past; a man in a top hat and ascot, who Ever's mom called her own personal Tom Selleck; and Frankie. Frankie began his fictional debut as an 18 year old greaser from the 1950's. Ever had lived with these ghosts in her home for 2 years, and had fallen in love with Frankie. Then I started killing off those ghosts one by one, and I realized I didn't need any of them. Just Frankie. Yes, I had a brief moment of silence for each. lol

THEN I heard the Pearl Jam cover of J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers' LAST KISS - one of my all time favorite songs - and my light-bulb moment happened. I knew then that Frankie had died in a car accident WITH Ever, and that she'd been the sole survivor. 

From there, Frankie and Ever's love story morphed into what it is now.

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  1. It's great how the story of Ever started one way, and ended somewhere completely different. It's fascinating learning how a story was originally planned, and seeing how much the idea changes as it's written.