Friday, June 29, 2012

ARIADNE IS QUESTIONED - Murder Mystery Blogfest

Ariadne is questioned in connection to the murder of Lenny Glow. This is a follow-up to the original introduction of Ariadne as a possible suspect in the case. You can see the original post HERE

Detective Morton Candle took a long drag of his cigarette and leaned in towards Ariadne. "Well, Ariadne, I admit you've been playing your cards close to your chest..." he couldn't help a quick glance, but wished he hadn't when he noticed her lips curl into a sly smile in response. She'd caught him ogling her. He cleared his throat and continued. "... much like all guilty parties do. But I've gotten a tip that you were much closer to Lenny Glow than your interview lets on. And I'll figure out what you're hiding. I always do. So, if you claim to be innocent, you might as well just tell me. How did you know Lenny Glow?"

The suspect licked her red lips and leaned in, making sure her chest was conveniently exposed. "Hmm. That's funny, detective. I didn't let on to anything in my interview. Just how is it you think I'm connected to that lowlife scum?" 

"Lenny Glow may have been low life scum, but he was a man. And a man who certainly appreciated a beautiful woman. I'm sure he took one look at you and wanted to add you to his collection of arm candy. Don't even try and deny it sweetheart. You may have legs up to your neck, but you're not the brainless type that Lenny usually has on his arm. How did you react when Lenny came on to you?"

"Arm candy?" She licked her lips again, and Detective Candle stood up to move around. He had to pace. She was making him uncomfortable, and doing a fine job of it. 

"Answer the question."

"Give me a break. Lenny Glow didn't come on to me. That loser couldn't even muster up his words around me. I have that effect on men." She looked at Stein and winked. "You're cute. How old are you?" 

Candle rounded on her and leaned down so he was eye level with the suspect, infuriated that she'd turned her sights on Weatherby. Hard as nails that kid was, but dammed if Candle would let a temptress like Ariadne Stone get her hooks in him. 

"Look, Miss Stone, I'm not surprised that you thought that sweaty, toupee wearing scum was beneath you. So tell me, did you show him just how wrong he was to try?"

"Do you mean, did I teach him a lesson? You'd like me to say so, wouldn't you, Morton Stein? Fat chance." 

She leaned back and extended a long leg, crossing it over her knee and letting her sheer navy blue dress slide off to one side. She had nothing more to say. 

She smiled. They had nothing on her. 


  1. Nothing on her, eh? We'll see. She still sounds pretty suspicious to me!

  2. Oh, she's evil. Licking them lips, showing her breasts, exposing her long legs, using her cool, lovely eyes. So good! Great, great work:)