Friday, June 21, 2013

A fellow writer and dear friend needs our help. #fundsforfeaky #highriver

My dear friend and critique partner, Tamara Mataya (aka FeakySnucker) was forced to evacuate her home yesterday as floods engulfed her town of High River, Alberta Canada. 

I want you to pause with me right now, and really take a look around you. What do you see inside your home? What would you take with you if you had to leave? 

What would you possibly forget if you were rushed?

Tam had all of ten minutes to collect whatever she could CARRY. She could not drive out of town and fill a vehicle to the brim. She'd been carried home on a combine through 8 feet of water in some parts. 

The library where Tam kicks ass as the best librarian on earth was flooded under three feet of water when she left work yesterday. She has no idea when she will be able to return to work, thus losing her only income. 

We do so many things for each other within this writing community. We host auctions for tornado victims. Raise donations for bombing victims. We help one another up when we fall. 

I won't beat around the bush. Tam needs our help. 

I call on you now to help ONE person. A fellow writer who has helped so many writers around her--either with her critique, her unwavering support, or the funniest most inappropriate thing you've ever seen on twitter. I KNOW Tam has brightened your day with a boob joke at least once. 

Now its your turn to help her. 

How you can help:

Please use this GoFundMe account to make monetary donations. Every little bit will help. 

BOOKS and Physical Donations
I will also be accepting physical donations, especially books for Tam's library as well as for personal use. I haven't quite figured out the logistics of that yet, so please bare with me. If you'd like to donate physical items, please leave your email address in the comments in this format [emailaddress AT provider DOT com]. (This helps prevent you from being spammed by those pesky bots.) 


  1. I'll have to look and see, but I might be able to get some books together. Either through work or other places.

    apatterson at dyadicechoes dot com

    1. Thank you! I'm compiling a list of emails for when I figure out how to get everything to her.

  2. I can definitely contribute some books! First name dot last name at gmail.

  3. Maybe ongoing book donations? We weed my (university) library regularly and often have extra copies in decent shape. Let me know what type of books are needed.

  4. I can donate books. barbara DOT wilder05 AT yahoo DOT com . Just LMK what to do.

    Abbi :-)

  5. I can donate some books. janlewis77ATgmailDOTcom

  6. I'd be happy to help out with some donations:

    cbrooks.benjamin AT gmail DOT com

  7. I can donate some MG books