Saturday, June 22, 2013



Auction Begins: Sunday, June 23rd
I have 37 posts ready to go live beginning at midnight PST. I have scheduled each post one minute apart, so the first one will post at 12:00am, the next one will post at 12:01am, and so on and so forth. I wanted them staggered in order. Because I'm crazy.

*I may be posting more auction items as the donations are confirmed--I'm still waiting to hear from some people for details and such. If you donated, but don't see your item, please email me. This was a LOT of work, so I apologize if I missed you or messed something up. 

Auction Closes: Sunday, June 30th
Sometime next Sunday, June 30th, I will go through each post and type something like "AUCTION CLOSED." If you want to bid, but you don't see that comment from me, you can still bid. Anything AFTER that comment from me will not count.

EVERY auction item has a starting bid of $10.00.

Please leave bid amount and email address in this format: 
emailaddress [at] provider [dot] com

Please ONLY bid in $5.00 dollar increments. 

PAYMENT:Payments will be collected via Paypal ONLY, after auction closes. 

E-book auctions are open INTERNATIONALLY.
Paperback auctions are open to the US and CANADA only, UNLESS NOTED in the particular auction.
Critiques are open INTERNATIONALLY.
ARTWORK is open to bidders in US and Canada ONLY. UNLESS it is digital or can be emailed.

If you have questions, PLEASE ASK. 
This was the first time I've done anything like this. I did it completely on my own and did the best I could. Please bear with me.

ALSO, let's get #fundsforfeaky to TREND. Because: FUN!

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  1. IT seems like everybody knows Tamara (or at least knows her as feakysnucker) so I hope you get some good bids! I run Pens for Paws and it's definitely a lot of work but so worth it. Best of luck!