Sunday, February 3, 2013

Indie-Licious Sunday Teasers Blog-Hop!

You guys. Its February.


How did this ...? When ...?

I don't know where the time goes. Seriously. That's such an over-used phrase, but I mean, FEBRUARY.

Anyway, welcome to the Indie-Licious Sunday Blog-Hop! If you're unfamiliar with Indie-Licious, its this awesome group of self-published and small press published authors!

And you know what? They let the likes of me join the club. *maniacal laugh*

Since Six Sentence Sundays no longer exist .... moment of silence, please .... the Indie-Licious website has kicked off our own little Sunday teaser blog-hop! So sit back, relax, and hop around to get sneak peeks at what we do, and if you're a writer, join the hop and post some teasers!

This teaser is from my work in progress, DIVIDE. I am very happy to say that DIVIDE is complete and in the hands of my awesome critique partners! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Enjoy! :-) And Happy Sunday!

“And I love that you’re so protective of me when you barely even know me, but–”
He crossed the room in a flash, and before I knew it I was on my back on the bed.
“Oh, I think I know you pretty well, Holland. For instance,” he started, as he ran his lips across the skin above my camisole. “I have it on very good authority that this section right here,” he said as he reached the area closest to my armpit, “this section of skin makes you incredibly happy when I kiss it. You can’t tell if you’re in heaven, or if I’m tickling you.”
I responded with a giggle, solidifying the truth in his words. 
“And I know that you are honest and good.” He kissed the groove at the base of my throat. “And I know that when you’re feeling especially defiant, your eyes light up with a spark of life, and something about that dare in your eyes makes me want to test it. Because I want to see that spark ignite.”


  1. I agree, Erin! Uhm, WOW! Haha, now that's a teaser :)

  2. Holy crap! I want to read this book like, RIGHT NOW!!! Love it!

  3. What a tease you are! Fun excerpt :) Now, I need to find out more about this book!!!

  4. Wow that's some chemistry!!!! When can I get this book? I want to meet Holland and her mystery man! Must add Divide to my TBR list:)(when it's in there of course:)) new follower!!


  5. * Loosens collar * I can't wait to edit THAT part! :-) Awesome.