Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#EVADE BLOG-HOP! You could play a part in EVADE! (Book Two of the EVER Trilogy)

IN The EVER Trilogy?

Now's your chance!

This blog-hop is just for you!

I've been watching these award shows lately - usually just as background noise when I'm painting, if I'm being honest - and I realized something I have in common with all of these famous people.

No, not fame.

No, not wealth.

No, not action figures ....... yet.


I haz them. :-)

Well, some. I have some fans. 

No, maybe not as many as Taylor Swift or any of her seventeen famous ex-boyfriends, and maybe my few fans don't have a cool name for themselves like Lady Gaga's "Monsters" or Katy Perry's "Katy-Cats," but though my fan base is quite small, I do have a few, and those few I ADORE. Especially the fans who have taken the time to reach out to me online and get to know me a bit. You guys rock, and I am humbled every time I "meet" someone new who loved EVER.

I also have a spectacular group of supportive writers, readers and bloggers who cheer me on, make me laugh, and make angry online faces with me >_< or send me pictures of sloths or Ian Somerhalder when things aren't going my way. (I wonder if Taylor Swift can say that?) 

Now, as most of you know, I've been working on the second book in The EVER Trilogy (officially titled EVADE), as well as an unrelated project that I started during NanoWrimo. While I am focusing on finishing DIVDE in the next couple of weeks, I had an idea for what to do with EVADE while it sits patiently on the sidelines waiting its turn. 

Do you know what I came up with? 


My AWESOME friends and fans. 

Are you looking for a unique present for someone? How about their name in print? You can have the chance to immortalize their awesomeness by making them a badass character in EVADE! 

OR, on the other hand, if you know a douchy jerk you'd love to see get PWNED in a book, this works too!

Maybe you've just wanted to see YOUR name in a book for once!

Well, now's your chance!!!


Here are the details:

1) You have from now until February 14th, 2013 to get in on the action! 

2) Start by signing up using the linky list below. 

3) Then, go read or re-read EVER, to get an idea of what my characters are like!
You can grab a copy of EVER on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

4) Last but not least, get a blog post up on February 15th, with the following information:

  • Name 
  • Age (the character can be any age over 13, as I have room for a few different roles, but keep in mind that the trilogy is YA)
  • Gender 
  • Good or bad? Do you want to immortalize someone for being awesome, or call someone out for being a douchecanoe?
***Don't forget to include the linky list in your blog post!***

Now, once everyone has posted their entries, I will visit all the blogs, and with the help of my two awesome co-judges, (Miss Feaky Snucker aka Tamara Mataya, and Krystal Wade aka Krystal Wade), we will narrow it down to our three top choices!

THEN, on February 20th, I will post a blog post with a voting poll, and you can vote for your favorite character!


Such awesome prizes! Though, I may be a bit biased, I know.

The *winner* will have the exciting honor of having their character immortalized in EVADE, along with signed paperback copies of EVER and EVADE, a signed paperback copy of Krystal Wade's WILDE'S FIRE, Book one of The Darkness Falls trilogy, AND a $20 gift card to AMAZON!
*PLEASE NOTE: There will be a delay in receiving part of the prize package because EVADE has obviously not been released yet.

*I reserve the right to alter any entry accordingly to better fit the story. After all, I am the author and I do still need the story to flow successfully. 
*The winner will have a role in the second book of The EVER Trilogy, titled EVADE, but the character will not be a main character. 
*By participating you give me the rights to use the character you enter. 


  1. Very cool! I'd like to post this on the CQ blog next monday if that's okay with you.

  2. I have linkied...also, love the term douchecanoe. So awesome. :D Can I submit my name to be killed off/abused? Not because of any douchery, just because? :D

    I need to read Ever...still...so many boooooooks! *flails*

    1. You can totally do that, Andrew! I'm open to whatever! Thank you for signing up!

  3. Sounds fun! I already have an idea...probably a bad guy...maybe.

    I won the same "prize" in another blogfest about a month before Christmas. Only *I* was the character choice. Fun!

    1. You can submit your own name, Talynn! This can be a character you made up, or a character based off someone you know, or it can be YOU!