Monday, September 17, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 9-16-12 #SixSunday

YIKES! I just realized I scheduled this post for the wrong day! THAT is where my mind has been lately. I have to set reminders for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, and last week I even drove 20 miles out of the way to a doc appointment that was actually scheduled at the location 5 miles from my house. Yeah. that happened.

But hey, at least I remembered the doc appointment, right? I mean, I should get some points for that.

Anyway, here's yesterday's Six Sentence Sunday, another brief glimpse into EVER (which you can now pre-order! Yay!):

Option one: confront him. I imagined marching over there and screaming at him and making a scene, throwing my drink on her, possibly even . . . no, too dramatic. 
Option one was out. 
Option two: say hello and act like I didn't care that he was with someone else. I knew that would be incredibly painful and close to impossible. 
Or, option three—the easiest and most attractive option: run like hell in the other direction. 


  1. As far as the docs appt. goes -- I've been there an done that. :)
    Love the six sentences and yes I'd have run, but the first option sounded like more fun.

  2. I've done that, too! Drove all the way into DC (about 40 miles) when I only needed to go about 5 miles for the appointment. Don't worry, once Ever goes out into the world, you'll slowly settle back into normal life. :D