Monday, November 25, 2013

Want to help me name my next book?! (Pretty please?) #wip #amwriting

Want to help me name my next book?

 I'd love your input! 

[UNTITLED] is a new adult contemporary romance about a woman who returns home after seven years away, taking employment at the high school where she met her first love, then discovering said first love is still there . . . coaching the swim team. 

Here's a rough blurb:

Second chances mean diddly-squat to twenty-six-year-old Sage Shepard; she's never needed one and has yet to meet anyone who deserves the opportunity to wrong her twice. After years of therapy helped her overcome her traumatic childhood, Sage returns to her hometown to make good on a promise she made her brother years ago. Taking a job as the school nurse at Lorimar High pushes memories of her abuse to the surface, but if it means finally having the means and ability to care for Jimmy, she'll stop at nothing. After all, she's not that broken little foster kid anymore.

Brandon "Tig" Tiggs feels like he hasn't left Lorimar High since the day he graduated. After a car accident destroyed his knee and robbed him of his chances of swimming in the Olympics, Tig resigned to coaching the team of his Alma-mater instead of leading the town to glory. He's spent the past eight years pretending to be in love with a woman who resents him for never getting out, coaching a team of swimmers who have no intention of obtaining excellence, and surviving a dreary life he never pictured for himself. Going through the motions has become Tig’s monotonous reality. 

When Sage returns to Lorimar High, walking back into Tig’s dreary life, memories of their secret four-year relationship come flooding back to the surface. Their passionate, all-consuming love sparks once more, threatening to undo them, and it’s all either of them can do to stay away from one another. 

Will past betrayals and current mistakes ruin their second chance, or will this rebel-punk foster kid and her golden boy swim champ reignite the love of a lifetime? 

To thank you for your help, I'm having a giveaway! Just comment below with your title suggestions (mandatory for giveaway), then enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win copies of the first two books of The Ever Trilogy!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer: Winning the Rafflecopter giveaway does not guarantee I will use your title. The giveaway is just a bonus to thank you for helping me brainstorm. Ideally, I will pick one of your awesome suggestions and we will all ride off into the sunset together (in this case, I will also thank you in the acknowledgements of the book), but as this book is still a work in progress, my literary agent and/or a publishing house may veto any name we choose. 


  1. I think something simple like Ignite would pop and give it character; maybe a second book could be called Combust depending on the direction this takes. Fire seems like a good symbol to use with this.

    1. That makes me extremely happy. In terms of something longer, maybe Ignite the Nights. Can't wait to see how this book turns out (:

  2. I'll probably be back with more in this vein, but I'm thinking small town americana + nostalgia + life journeys. What I've got so far is:
    Shepherd's Way
    Going Home
    The Long Way Back

    1. I love the last one, Derek. Thank you for the suggestions!

  3. Who is Jimmy? The brother?

    Let's see... Here's my brainstorm list for you. I think the last one is my favorite. Hope this is somewhat helpful!

    Secondary Education
    Square One
    High Tides
    Rough Waters
    Remembering Lorimar
    Seven Years Late
    Revival/The Revival
    Class of (insert year of their graduation), Take Two
    The Second Lap
    (Name the book after any slang terms people have for the school itself)
    Falling In

    1. Yes, Jimmy is the brother. Should I remove his name? I know too many characters in a blurb can be confusing sometimes.

      I LOVE the last one, too!

  4. Oo! Love this. Sounds amazing, Jessa.

    Here's a couple:
    Lost and Found
    Dive (not so sure about this one but I'm trying to think of ones that invoke swimming etc.)
    Taking a Breath
    Treading Water

    1. I still think TREADING WATER is the one, but I'll have to see. I've got the cover figured out though! lol ! I'm always good for putting the cart before the horse. :-)

  5. Drown Me

    I thought maybe the swimming, also the experience of abuse & also the romance :)

  6. Hey Jessa! I think you could stick with something simple for this one. People want to hear the title and instantly know how it connects to the novel. So I like people's suggestions with the word "Second." Those have a good ring to them. Good luck with this! If I'm going to add my two cents I'd say "Second Time Around."

    1. Oooooh! I like that one too! Thank you, Victoria!!