Monday, August 20, 2012

Author Krystal Wade asks the tough questions: What's in YOUR purse?

What's in your purse? 

My illustrious editor and now friend, Krystal Wade, has posted a fun little expose on the contents of her purse today. You can find her post HERE

I decided that instead of just commenting on her blog post, I'd go a step further and actually make my own post in response to her question. This way I can photograph all the fun inside my purse. Because we all know that pictures are so much more fun than just a list alone. 

Well Krystal, you asked for it ... 

So, what's in my purse?

Let's start with the basics, shall we? 

  • One oversized orange purse.

  • One giraffe print wallet. 

  • One zebra print checkbook. (Yes, I still carry a checkbook.) 

  • One leopard hair brush. 

  • One peacock print manicure set. 

  • One peacock print nail file. (Clearly I'm into anything animal print.)

  • One stack of random pictures, store cards, business cards and appointment cards. 

  • One stack of track bets from the horsie races at Del Mar. (Pretty sure I have money to claim, but I haven't turned them in yet.) 

  • Two broken Weight Watchers achievement key chains. (One for the 5K, and one for reaching my 10% goal. Both are broken, which I guess is fitting since I haven't been since January. lol)

  • One pen. 

  • One Kindle pen-thingy.

  • One makeup bag. (Contents include THREE lip glosses, one tampon, and a handful of bobby pins.) 

  • Two lotions. (One of which was stolen from a hotel, ahem Krystal.) 

  • Keys, of course. (AND I know where all of them go. Except for one. That particular key I am absolutely clueless about and can't get rid of BECAUSE I'm clueless about it.) 

  • A stack of wadded up, but unused, tissues. (You just never know when you'll need one.)

  • One wet-nap. (I steal these from restaurants whenever possible. I'm not sorry.) 

  • One pack of gum. 

  • One peppermint. (NO idea where that came from or how long it has been in there.) 

  • One stack of change totaling a whopping $1.32 (Which now resides in my coin jar.)

  • One busted hair rubberband. (Which if you must know, I call those piggyloops.) 

  • One tin of rescue remedy pastilles. (What are these, you ask? These keep my occasional crazy at bay.)

  • Five seashells. (Five seashells? I think I can safely blame my daughter for this one.)

Well, there you have it folks! The contents of my purse. Things I need, things I think I need but probably don't, and the random things I didn't even know were in there. Um, seashells? Really?

So, I now turn the question over to you, my bloggy friends... 

What's in YOUR purse????


  1. No balloons, huh?! And where are your crayons? My purse is sooo not MY purse.

  2. Each of my purses has entirely too much junk in it. It's always a shock to clean one out and discover some of the stuff I threw in there and then forgot even existed. It's been even worse when I'm using my blue and yellow tote I bought in the Old City of Jerusalem instead of a purse, since that thing holds way more stuff! At least I almost never wear makeup, so I don't have to worry about one more thing clogging up my purses.

  3. Ah, I already commented on Krystal's post, or I would have made my own (with pictures!). I posted my last purse clean-out, too. It was worse that time. Other than the 10 different lip-related products, it wasn't that bad.