Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Truths . . . or lies? It's the 18 TRUTHS by Jamie Ayres' Blog Fest! PART TWO! The big REVEAL!

To celebrate the release of the second installment of my dear friend Jamie Ayres' 18 Things trilogy, 18 Truths, we're having a little fun with truths and lies! 

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1) My first love was singing, and I was on Star Search in 1987. Oh haiii, Ed McMahon! 
FALSE! Though I've always loved singing, I never went on Star Search (or met Ed McMahon, boo!), and even though I was obsessed with the show as a child, my dream for being on it was to be a Supermodel. Obviously. *flips hair* 
2) I've been on one cruise . . . and the ship caught on fire halfway through the trip. Sigh.
TRUE! The year my dad died (January '96) my grandmother on my mom's side thought it would be a nice treat to take Mom and me on week-long cruise to take our minds off his death. So, that July ('96), she flew us to Vancouver, Canada, where we boarded a cruise ship and set out for beautiful Alaska! 
We made it Juneau and Ketchikan (two of the four or five stops on the trip), then at 2am one morning, the alarms sounded and crew members pounded on each door, waking the guests and corralling us to the life boats along the sides of the ship. We then sat in groups of twenty or so, awaiting instruction and going over safety information until mid-morning the next day, when we were finally taken group by group to shore. 
There'd been a fire in the crew laundry room (or kitchen? I can't remember) killing a few crew members and halting the trip (obviously).
Needless to say, I haven't been on a cruise since! And hey, what away to forget my dad's death, right? LOL! #Fail
3) I met my husband at a bar, in the same parking lot of the strip club I used to work at. Bow chicka bow bow. 
TRUE! I used to tend bar at a strip club in Lake Forest, CA called Captain Cream's Cabaret. (Or, just "Creams" to us locals.) I'd recently moved back to town and was having a beer with my old favorite boss at the nearby watering hole, and in walked my future. <3

So, did you guess correctly!?!? 

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  1. I guessed wrong on almost everybody's. Yikes . . . what an awful cruise! You need to come with me on one. I've been on 3 and they're allll so fun . . . and I'm good luck. Obviously *flips hair* THANKS FOR PLAYING :-)

  2. I think I guessed wrong on this one. That would turn me off of cruises forever as well!