Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Recommendation Request, Please!

Hi all! Happy Monday! 

I have a book recommendation request(s) for you!

I have a friend who loves to read and loved to read as a kid, but finds it difficult to get his two daughters interested in books. He's asked me for advice, and I think asking all of you is the best way to go about this. It takes a village, right? ;-) 

So . . . 

Kiddo #1: 15yo girl
Loves watching TV, and she's usually found watching cooking or travel shows, and also loves History. I know she's into boys (but Dad probably doesn't want anything TOO heavy on the romance), and she loved Twilight (but not sure if paranormal needs to be the focus). I think something historical with adventure and a bit of romance would be awesome. Or a Julia Child meets Joan of Arc thing. lol

Kiddo #2: 10yo girl
*Totally stealing some of these recs for my own 10yo! 
Loves the Disney teeny-bopper movies like High School Musical, and is very into skateboarding and surfing. (I think some of the more sports-oriented MG/lower young adult books would be great for her, as well as my own kiddo.) 

So, what do you think I should recommend? 

Please leave your suggestions in the comments!


  1. Jennifer Donnelly, The Scorpio Races, Elizabeth Wein, Rachel Hawkins writes books that are quick and funny, Tokyo Heist....for the 15yo
    The Girl Who Could Fly, Wrinkle in Time, Mary Downing Hahn...for the 10yo.

  2. For the 15yo, what about GRAVE MERCY? Seemed to match pretty well.