Monday, April 22, 2013

THE CHARGE by Sharon Bayliss - Tour Stop! - PART THREE! - My Review


Holy wowzers! I could not put this book down!!! I mean, I did, but that's only because someone expects me to feed my family and get my kiddo to and from school! And do the dishes. And fold the laundry. And feed the dogs. And shower. 

And . . . well, you know . . . just another day in the life. 

But anyway, WOW. This book gripped me from the very first page!!!  
I LOVED THE CHARGE! Absolutely loved it!! I was instantly drawn in, and curious about the alternate reality Sharon Bayliss created. 

And what an alternate reality it was! Imagining our country divided like it was in THE CHARGE, was a very strange concept to consider. My mind was constantly running through the scenes and picturing what it would be like to live in a place like the Texas Empire. When I read stories like this one, I always find myself wishing my imagination worked the way some of these authors' imaginations work. Creating such an alternate reality like that, down to even the smallest details, is something that always makes me shake my head in awe and wonder. It takes such a talent, and THE CHARGE was no exception. I never felt confused or lost--Sharon's Texas Empire was amazing and I could picture it as if it was so.

I can't wait to see this story continue, and watch Warren step into his new roll with Lena buy his side. I love the two of them equally, and can't wait to see their stories unfold. I'm assuming there's a second book in the works, right Sharon? RIGHT!?!

My only complaint would be that because I'm a huge fan of first person, I would have preferred to see this written in the dual POVs of Warren and Lena. I think it would have amped up a few of the scenes, particularly in the romance area. (Which, if I'm being honest, I would have liked more of. But I think we all know that I pretty much just want all romance all the time, with a small hint of paranormal or fantasy, and then back to the kissing. lol)

Regardless, this was easily a five-star read for me, and I can hope that we'll see a bit more romance in the next book! *hint hint* 

by Sharon Bayliss

When King of the Texas Empire kidnaps Warren's brother, Warren embarks into a still Wild West to save him. On his journey, he makes a discovery that changes his life forever—he and his brother are long-lost members of the Texas royal family and the King wants them both dead. 

He gets help from an activist Texan named Lena, who's itching to take on the King and happens to be a beautiful firecracker Warren can't stay away from. Convincing her he's not one of the bad guys becomes harder when a mysterious energy stirs in his body, turning his brain into a hive of emotions and memories—not all his own.

A legacy of violence is not all he inherited from the brutal Kings of Texas. The myth that the royal family possesses supernatural powers may not be myth at all.
Gone are the days when choosing a major was a big deal. Now Warren must save his brother and choose whether or not to be King, follow a King, or die before he can retire his fake ID.

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  1. Yay! I have huge smile on my face right now. Thank you so much for the review. Remember to post it on Amazon to donate $5 to West, Texas disaster relief. :)