Monday, December 10, 2012

New Adult - THE MATING GAME - Blog Hop! #DIVIDE

The Mating Game Blog Hop!

The Mating Game Blog Hop is very much like the T.V show The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game put together except: the couples from our novels, manuscripts, and WIPs are the contestants!

For this hop, I'm going to ask the main characters from my WIP to participate. So, from my latest work in progress, an upper YA/New Adult novel titled DIVIDE, please welcome Holland Briggs and Mick Stevenson. 

Tell us about a memorable experience you shared together.

Holland: "My first really memorable experience with Mick was when he took me to his family's cabin in Big Bear. It didn't start out as a happy time in my life, but it ended that way. I'll never forget how calming and patient he was with me during the worst time in my life."

Mick: "So it wasn't our first kiss then?" 

Holland: "Ha! No, though that was very memorable. Nothing like getting caught making out with someone to really make a memory last."

Mick: "Well, my first memorable moment with you, wasn't our first kiss, though that's a moment I love trying to top, or even the start of our relationship in Big Bear - it was when I first found out about you, and the knowledge of how my life would be once I found you. I've been changed ever since."

Holland: "For the better, obviously."

Mick: "Obviously."

What is one of the roadblocks standing in the way of you getting together?

Mick: "My brother, Donovan."

Holland: "Well, that and my family curse."

Mick: "Yeah, there's that too, but I'm not afraid of a little fairy tale magic. It’s my brother's sudden appearance that bothers me."

What would your character do if the one they wanted was terrified of their feelings and pushed them away?

Mick: “Is this question a joke?”

Holland: “I wasn’t terrified of your feelings!”

Mick: “Really? Hmm. So that wasn’t you who pushed me away? Where are Cam and Ro when I need them?”

Holland: “Leave my brother and Ro out of it. I don’t need them to take sides with you.”

Mick: “So you admit they’d be on my side?”

Holland: “Ooh, you’re impossible! I was not afraid of your feelings for me!”

Mick: “You’re right. You were scared of your own.”

Holland: *silence*

Mick: “Well, luckily, I was patient enough for both of us.”

So, how would your characters describe the other person, using only one word at a time? 

Mick: “That’s easy. Defiant.”

Holland: “Stubborn.”

Mick: “Gorgeous.”

What was the first thing your main characters noticed about each other?

Mick: “Her fire. It’s this glint she gets in her eyes. I want to piss her off just to see the spark. She’s beautiful, as you can see, but there’s so much more beneath the surface, and it comes out in that defiant stare.”

Holland: “Ugh. That’s so annoying. I don’t get any glint in my eyes and I am not defiant.”

Mick: “You’re being defiant right now.”

Holland: “Well if you weren’t trying to goad me …”

Mick: “And you still haven’t answered Magan’s question. What was the first thing you noticed about me?”

Holland: “Honestly? I felt your gaze before I saw it. It was like this intense pull, begging me to look up at you.”

Mick: “I know what you mean. I remember feeling you the second you arrived. Man, that sounds ridiculous … wait a minute, I could swear I remember catching you checking out my ass.”

Holland: “Well, there was that too, but I’m sure Magan was looking for something a bit more poetic then ‘I noticed his awesome ass.’”

Mick: “Well, it works for me.”

Holland: “It’s not your interview, Mick.”


  1. Excellent entry for the bloghop! :D

  2. Fun interview! Mick sounds like an awesome hero.

  3. They're pretty cute! Nice playful banter and easygoing relationship.

  4. ‘I noticed his awesome ass.’ What better answer could there be? ^_^

  5. What a cute couple! Love their banter! Thanks for participating!

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  7. Love the interaction as well! I was going to say, definitely not the gaze and probably the ass!

  8. Great interview. Definitely makes me want to read the book!!