Sunday, October 28, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 10/28/12 #SixSunday #EVERTWO

Well hello there, Six Sentence Sunday buddies! 

Here is another sneak peek into my work in progress - the second book in The EVER Trilogy. 

Working title: EVER TWO (Because I'm sooooo creative. lol)

Because I am going to be flying in the near future, I've decided a bit of airplane fun would be appropriate. 

I balled my sweatshirt into a make-shift pillow and closed my window. I didn't think I’d be able to sleep, but sleep found me, however restless it was. I kept waking up because I could feel my mouth hanging open, or because the kid behind me kicked my seat. 
At one point he even pulled my hair when he grabbed the top of the seat to yank himself up. That was a pleasant experience. 
Then there were the dreams. 


  1. This is my first visit and I think your header/blog is beautiful! Flying is never fun and I can't imagine an annoying kid behind you!

  2. I'm guessing she's not flying. I think she's on a bus cause she closes the window. And yeah, this sounds like a pleasant ride. Especially when you throw in some nightmares. haha.

    I want to know where she's going!

  3. You left it there?! Aaaaahhhh! :D Great six, Jessa. :)

  4. Love the last sentence that leaves us hanging. Makes me want to hear about the dreams.